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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Zedwick_, Sep 13, 2017.

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    As of now there is only 3 helpers 1 mod 1 admin and 1 owner. (and 1 manager donomike)
    I'll be honest I have no idea where to put this but I think we need another mod. #trushiformod

    But the reason I post this is I'm kinda eh about the staff application system.
    I think the Helper role isn't enough to be considered Staff. It's just a bigger right to help people. Which most of the community already does but a helper should be more like a badge of "Hey, I'm pretty good with the content here. And I understand the rules."
    Also. Helpers have no big command stuff besides /kick and whatnot. There are always helpers on but all they can do it spam /kick a hacker. Which is really annoying and floods punishments. (At time of editing this the owner and mod were playing a different game in which they cant divert their attention and the admin was at work. (no idea if any helpers were online at the time i didnt take the time to check))

    Also the reason i'm "eh" about the staff application system is you HAVE to apply for helper. In life some of us can be biggity bitches and be shy. But sometimes the internet is the safe place. But being forced to be a helper is being forced to be hardcore social and pretty active. Which can overwhelm some people. I feel that people should be able to apply for straight up Mod and just hang around in the mod zone for a while, and get fired/quit/or promoted to Admin since Frost has been alone forever as an Admin. When some helpers get promoted to mod they can kinda lay back for a bit. They don't have to constantly help people. Recently i've only seen mod's summoned to ban / mute someone. Which yes is their job but they never hangout often. (Kat did hangout though. And people like Dwayne who as far as I remember having a computer issue), isn't that good for staff. (Not saying Dwayne should get fired he's good.)

    I don't really have any idea's besides getting rid of the helper as a part of staff but more of a badge and letting people apply for mod and not ONLY helper.

    Remember these are my opinions and I don't mean to attack anyone. Staff is waking up right now and i've seen them doing really good.

    inb4 responses
    "if you don't like the way helper is then don't apply"
    I don't intend to reapply.

    "allowing people to apply for straight up mod is op"
    Then you could restrict some of mod's powers. Ex only 1 week ban limit (same with mutes) so then an admin would come and perm ban/mute. Admin could be like a "hey you were a good mod role."
    Or you could make it so only longtime players (3-6+months of being on the server actively) could apply.

    Just because I posted this doesn't mean anything has to change. Just the way I see things.
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    It is true that Helpers could do more in the past, such as tempban for a maximum of one day, which really helped because back then there wasnt always staff online. All above in the European region. As now we dont have a staff member in the European region, I think we need a new mod which lives in that region. Because between certain times, Australia is asleep and America is asleep/at school. if there will only be a helper, hackers would still not be banned. during that time. Which can demotivate players to play on the server. I think this is something that needs attention. As for the possibility to apply for Mod, previous experiences must be provided, when accepted they will be tested for a week how they are doing. You should never retrict a staff's power if it is part of the job.
    This was my view
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