Land Claiming on Survival

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    Land Claiming on Survival

    We have nothing against players building together on the same piece of land, or on separate land next to each other. We do, however, have an issue when players suddenly decide they no longer like their neighbours and start causing issues.

    If you are building with someone, be mindful of the fact that you both own it. If you suddenly decide you no longer want to work with the other and kick them out, be aware that it's going to cause issues. While you should be able to work it out amongst yourselves, if it becomes a huge issue and interferes with everyone else's gameplay by intruding on the global/server chat, we (the staff) will become involved. You may not like or agree with our decisions on the matter.

    If you are living with someone and have built everything yourself, go ahead, kick them out. But give them time to retrieve what is theirs first. They may globally complain about it otherwise. If it causes drama in the global/server chat, we (the staff) are going to get involved to prevent further drama.

    If you have your claim directly next to someone else (such as a friend) and the two of you are building, make sure your stuff is fully on your claim, and theirs remains on their claim. If part of the build crosses over onto the others claim, it means you both own it and have a right to it. You would have no right to instantly demand that the other remove their claim to accommodate your mistake in crossing claims or harass them over it. You would need to privately and quietly work out how to deal with the issue. If it becomes a serious matter, we (the staff) will become involved and sort the issue out. This will usually result in one group being removed from the area to prevent future problems.

    If you are building for someone else, always ensure that the build stays on their claim. If their claim is too small, either build smaller, stop building entirely, or wait until they claim more land. Do not build outside of the claim as it may end up being griefed and causing drama between you (the builder), the owner of the claim and the 'thief' who did nothing wrong.

    Do not use staff as a threat to get the other player(s) to do what you want.
    It is not acceptable to use staff as a threat against another player. Try to work out your disputes between yourselves, and then ask us for help resolving the issue. If you disagree with someone else over a claim, do not threaten to involve staff for 'malicious claiming' unless they have actually claimed land next to or near you with the intent of preventing you from expanding.

    The rules regarding claims are pretty clear and are available on the server, and on the forums in detail.
    As we have provided the rules in detail, choosing not to read them (or being too lazy to) is not an excuse we accept when you break one of them. We provide a link to the forums detailed rules when you do /rules on the server. While the rules are pretty clear, we still have some people who fail to grasp the meaning of some of them. Whether it is because they haven't read all the detail or do not understand it, is beside the point. Below are the rules pertaining to claiming.

    No griefing claims.
    This includes but is not limited to destroying builds, exploding builds, and so on. Claims no longer automatically unclaim. Anything unclaimed is up for grabs.

    Destroying a claim in any way, shape or form is considered griefing and is punishable.
    Claim blocks are fairly cheap to buy, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue to protect your own buildings.
    If you come across a building in the wild that is not claimed, it is free for all and you will not be punished for taking stuff. You will be punished, however, if you decide to destroy everything (the surrounding land as well) and leave a huge mess.

    Do not claim with malicious intent.
    This includes claiming too close to another player (within 100 blocks) preventing their expansion, or even claiming what is not yours. This will lead to an Admin deleting that claim without warning if deemed malicious.

    This rule exists to stop players from creating claims that stop others from expanding. If you create a claim next to someone else to stop them from expanding, your claim will be removed. Often without you being warned.
    If you come across a building in the wild, while you are allowed to take stuff, you are not to claim it as yours.
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Discussion in 'Reminders' started by Frosted_Angel, May 13, 2017.

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