How Your Vote Works

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    How Your Vote Works

    We have fully finalized the system we would like to use in order to choose our next staff members. Bear in mind, we seek to take everyone's opinion on these choices, and we are not trying to run a popularity contest.

    To start with, an application is either denied or deemed suitable according to their answers in relevance to the application answer key. Once an application is open, players are expected to mark who they support and who they oppose with a yes or no vote. Carefully consider if you support the applicant or not as your vote cannot be changed. Every application gets a full week, upon approval, to talk to the community and get their support. This will show the staff team that the applicant is able to communicate with the community, is well known, and has genuine support.

    Your votes on the applications are an important factor to the final decision on the next staff members. Votes do not necessarily guarantee your applicants will be chosen, but they raise the chances of them getting picked significantly. We also look at other factors such as time zone, availability, experience, and what they have contributed to the server as a regular player. We do our best to remove bias in our decisions because we aim to form the best for you guys.

    The more votes there are, the better they help us make a decision. So try to get your fellow community members to vote on the applications.
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Discussion in 'Reminders' started by RFSMassacre, Jun 5, 2017.

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