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  1. DrNose

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    Apr 5, 2017
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      • What is your in-game name? - DrNose
      • Have you changed your name in the past? If you have, please list them all. -
        • drnose21
        • DrKnows,
        • N0se
        • NurseNostril
        • AdamNose
      • Does anyone else have access to your Minecraft account? - No
      • What is your real name? - Adam (don't want to post my last name here please ask me in private)
      • How old are you? - 18 (19 on june 16th)
      • What country are you currently living in? - Israel until tomorrow than the USA
      • What is your time zone? - GMT + 5
      • What language(s) can you speak? -
        • English
        • German
        • Conversational hebrew
      • Are you able to join our Discord server with a working microphone? – Yes
      • Have you been on our Discord? - Yes
      • Are you willing to check the forums on a regular basis? - Yes
      • Have you been punished on New Heaven in the past? If yes, what for? Please list them all. - Never
      • How long has it been since you joined New Heaven? - About 2 months
      • How many hours would you say you spend on New Heaven each day? - Anywhere in the vicinity of 2-4 hours (is about to increase)
      • If you were staff, would your active time on New Heaven change? - I would try to be on the server longer than I currently am. I think its important for a staff member to be online especially at weird hours. Since I have a weird time schedule I would be on when other staff memebrs would not.
      • Are there any specific times or days that you are unavailable and cannot get online? - No
      • Do you have any issues (such as health) that could affect your performance as staff? - No
      • What are some of your greatest strengths? Please list them -
        1. I am very good at working with a team of people to help improve a server and bring it to its fullest potential.
        2. I am very good at coming up with creative ideas and communication.
        3. I find that I know how to use discord and the forums very well.
        4. I also am very good at interacting with communities and players. I am keeping my personal life apart from my server life.
      • What are some of your greatest weaknesses? Please list them -
        1. Sometimes I can get very frustrated and want to keep to myself. If I get frustrated at a situation many times I might disconnect from discord.
        2. The server I was moderator on before was a family friendly server. So while I will be able to be effective as a staff member it might take a bit to get used to the fact that players can curse and be inappropriate in chat to a certain point.

      • In what ways could you positively contribute to the community? - I find that I am on a lot of the time when other staff members are not online. I feel that I can contribute a dedicated staff member to the community. I am also good at organizing community events to help bring the community closer together. I feel like that its important for a staff member to have a good relationship to the community.
      • What experiences do you have with moderating a community or game? - I have been a staff member on many servers. My biggest credit would be when I was a staff member on the largest server in the world for a year and a half. I was a helper for about a year, and a moderator for about half a year. This server gets 50,000 players on weekends and I was a moderator under the name DrNose.

      • Explain how you would react to each of these situations on Minecraft as honestly as possible.
      A player is asking for help with something that we have detailed guides for.
      Example: ‘Do Vampires burn in the sun?
      How do you answer them?
      - More information on vampires can be found on

      Example: ‘Which race is better, Vampires or Werewolves?
      How do you answer them?
      - There are many perks to all of the races, and its up to your personal preference, more information is available at

      Example: ‘How do I leave spawn?
      How do you answer them?
      - There are two ways to leave spawn, one is to go to the pier and teleport randomly away, another is to walk out of the gate. There is an npc called [TRANSPORT] Guard that can tp you there.

      A player is asking for help with something that we do not have guides for.
      Example: ‘How do I sell things?’
      How do you answer them?
      - There are a couple of ways to sell things, you can sell things in the auction house, or you can rent a shop at spawn.

      Example: ‘I died and lost my items, can you replace them?’
      Example: ‘I died and can't find my items, can you help me find them?
      How do you answer them?
      - I am sorry but if you lost your items there is no way for me to get them back for you, maybe ask a friend to help you find them?

      A player is being disrespectful to you. They are swearing and cursing at you. - First I would give them a warning, then if they continued with the disrespect I would mute them for about a day.

      Players are role playing in the Global Channel - I would tell players that roleplaying is allowed but only if its done in private chat or the local channel.

      A player has made it clear they do not like the current conversation in Global. - I would tell them that they can leave the global channel and join the local channel or server channel.

      A rule is being broken and you are the only staff online. - I would handle the situation myself, and if it required a moderator I would ask one to come online in discord.

      A rule is being broken while a Mod or higher is also online. - If the rule was a chat rule or something that a helper can handle I would deal with it but if it required a moderator I would allow them to handle it unless the moderator says otherwise.

      You are the only staff on the server and you wish to log off. There are other staff online on discord. - I would ask staff members in the discord if they are able to get on and I am about to logoff, if they cannot get on I would try to stay on but if I couldn't I would just logoff and let them know that I really had to go.
      • Explain how you would react to each of these situations on the Forums as honestly as possible.
      A user has posted the same thread multiple times. - If I had the ability to I would remove the threads and tell the user to please not post multiple threads. If not I would ask a moderator to remove the threads.

      A user has posted a thread in the wrong place. - If I had the ability to I would move the thread to the correct place and then let the user know that it was posted in the wrong place. If not I would have a moderator deal with it.

      A user has posted inappropriate content. - If I had the ability to I would delete the content right away, and I would disallow the player from posting on the forums for a day.
      • Explain how you would react to each of these situations on Discord as honestly as possible.
      A user needs a role in order to enter a room that a few others are in. - I would explain to them how to assign themselves a role in the bot channel with the command %roles.

      A user is spamming in one of the text channels. - I would tell this user to stop flooding the chat and if they continued to do so I would not allow them to post in discord for 3 hours. Then I would remove all the messages.

      A user is spamming loud noises in the Voice Channels. - I would ask them to stop and if they didn't I would mute them and kick them and disallow them to connect to voice channels for a hour.

      A user is hanging out in a Voice Channel with the purpose of annoying the people trying to use that room. - I would remove the user from the voice channel and ban them from using it for a day.

      There is a user with an inappropriate nickname. - I would ask that they change their name and if they didn't comply I would change it for them or kick them from the discord until they changed it.
      • Is there anything else which you would like to add which you feel is important that isn’t covered in any of the previous sections? - I really enjoy playing on the server and helping other people. I have a lot of experience with server moderation and in real life. I am a counselor at a summer camp and am currently on a gap year working with a youth movement with kids and helping to teach them English. I have a lot of experience dealing with kids and understand how to interact with them. Thank you for reading my application.
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  2. RFSMassacre

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    Sep 8, 2015
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    Deemed Unsuitable

    This application has been denied due to the responses not being suitable nor relevant to the answers the staff team are looking for. We appreciate you taking the time to fill out the application and caring so much for the server.
  3. RFSMassacre

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    Sep 8, 2015
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    Deemed Suitable

    This application has been officially opened for peer review after reconsideration over the answers of the application. We are aware you were not informed of the protocol changes on the Helpers on New Heaven, so we are going re-open this application since the answers are suitable for that of a Moderator. This application will continue to be for the Helper role. We wish you good luck as the community will now be taking over with their votes and responses to this application.
  4. Frosted_Angel

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    Dec 7, 2015
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    Denied at applicants request.
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