Donation Shop Update - Student Discount Code!

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By RFSMassacre on Sep 4, 2017 at 10:18 AM
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    Donation Shop Update - Student Discount Code!
    School's started and we all know how awful that is. In celebration of the new school semester, we're releasing a coupon code for all students to use. Using coupon code STUDENT will get you 25% off your next entire purchase. We recommend saving this code for when you are going to buy something big as this code can only be used once per person. The coupon code expires at the end of the month. (October 1st, 2017).

    Along with this, I wanted to also announce we've changed some prices on the donation shop in hopes to accommodate those who can only give a little bit and those who can give a lot. All kinds of donations are appreciated and help to keep the server running optimal.

    We've changed the price set up from $25, $50, $75, $100 to $20, $50, $80, $110. The idea behind this was to shave off the price from lower ranks and add it on the higher ones in order to allow players get a rank at a super low cost while still maintain the amount of donations that is made from ranks.

    We've added a $1 Money Pack option for those who just want to add it on when they have a little extra to spend. We've also increased the bonus amount in order to attract people to buy Money Packs in bulk to save them money overall. $5 Money Packs get +5%, $10 Money Packs get +10%, $20 Money Packs get +20%, and $40 Money Packs get +40%.

    We've lowered the price of Shulker Spawners to $10. We've added Horse Spawners, Slime Spawners, and Magma Cube Spawners to the donation shop. The prices are $5, $10, and $10 respectively.
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Discussion in 'Updates' started by RFSMassacre, Sep 4, 2017.

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