Rejected aging in survival

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by doopydoodle, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Nov 1, 2015
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    i was thinking maybe you could add a time limit on survival that starts from when you first ever join survival or for players that joined before this gets added to start when they join survival after it gets added so basically theirs a command that lets you see your ig age which say you have this many days until you ether age up or die now basically you start at the baby level that has slowness 2 and blindness 1 but they have haste 1 then a toddler has slowness 1 but have haste 2 while a child has speed 1 and regeneration 2 but can get hurt a bit easier while the teen gets regeneration 1 and haste 1 but can randomly get slowness 2 or speed 1 while the adult has slowness 1 but has jump boost 1 but can randomly get nosea while elders have slowness 3 and are more likely to have nosea but they have haste 1 and after that they basically watch everyone as a ghost but can open doors and chests and can sit but they would be partly insivable but others could see them and they can walk though walls but they cant kill or distry or claim claimed blocks but they can place blocks they can also fly so the days are difert depending on what race you are if your a human then you take 50 minecraft days to age up but if your a ww then it takes 10 but if your a vampire then you cant age up and you stay as an adult until you cure yourself

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