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    Network Rules
    These rules are to be followed at all times whilst playing on the Minecraft network and it is the guidelines by which staff discern what is legal to do in-game. Anything not mentioned in these rules are fair game until changed otherwise.

    Player Guide to Punishments Found Here!

    Global Rules

    No hacking, exploiting bugs, or unfair modifications to your client.
    This includes any modification or client of Minecraft that gives players an unfair advantage over other players. Finding and abusing bugs, exploits, or unintended side effects for your advantage is treated under the same punishments as hacking.

    No spamming or advertising in the chat or on signs.
    This includes but is not limited to sending messages/commands very fast, repeating the same message, mass-sending messages, and so on. Advertising is giving any method to join a different Minecraft server and this is treated under the same punishments as spam.

    Do not harass or cause drama to other players or staff members for any reason.
    Harassment and drama are huge offenses in our community and could easily get you in serious trouble. This includes but is not limited to constant disrespect, preventing gameplay, bringing social issues onto the server, and so on.

    Do not use VPNs, proxies, or alternate accounts.

    Use of virtual private network or proxy IP addresses are strictly prohibited, as well as using more than one account per person.

    Do not interfere with staff business or punishments.
    Getting in the midst of staff deliberating or delivering a punishment that has nothing to do with you can get you in serious trouble.

    Do not purposely lag the servers in any way.

    This includes but is not limited to overspawning entities, using massive amounts of redstone in fast circuits, abusing plugins to slow down processes, and so on.

    Do not accuse others of hacking without proof in the chat.

    Accusing someone of hacking in the chat can easily get you muted and your suspicion of the person will be disregarded. To properly report a player for hacking, you must post evidence in the forums or on the Discord server.

    Keep roleplays within the local channel.

    All kinds of roleplay is perfectly legal (even the adult kind) as long as it is kept in the local channel in order to keep roleplays from mixing in with the conversations of other players.

    Survival Rules

    No griefing claims.
    This includes but is not limited to destroying builds, exploding builds, and so on. Claims no longer automatically unclaim. Anything unclaimed is up for grabs.

    Do not claim with malicious intent.
    This includes claiming too close to another player (within 100 blocks) preventing their expansion, or even claiming what is not yours. This will lead to an Admin deleting that claim without warning if deemed malicious.

    Do not combat log.
    Leaving the gamemode to avoid dying will get you auto-killed and lose your items. You will NOT be refunded for these items. (Donors will get back their donor tools if lost, but making this a habit can give you a worse punishment.)

    Do not bypass PVP protections.
    Under no circumstances can players damage or kill players who are being protected from PVP. This includes the PVP toggle and safe zones.

    Creative Rules

    No griefing the plots or roads.
    This includes but is not limited to getting trusted to a plot and destroying the build, using cannons to litter the roads in between plots, and so on.

    Do not use modifications that ruin gameplay for other players.
    This heavily includes Creative mode hacks that cause crashes of any kind or mess up the client of another player. It's not limited to these things, so any kind of modification that prevents or ruins others from enjoying the game will get you severely punished.

    No offensive builds.
    This includes but not limited to sexually crude builds, discriminatory builds, hate builds, and so on.

    KitPVP Rules

    Do not combat log.

    Leaving the gamemode to avoid dying will leave an NPC of you until it is killed and it will still count as your death.
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Discussion in 'Reminders' started by RFSMassacre, Jun 23, 2016.

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