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    Discord Rules
    These rules are to be followed at all times whilst being involved with our Discord server. Anything not explicitly mentioned in these rules do not entitled the user exemption of overall punishments.

    No uncivilized arguing.
    Civilized debate is considered fine as long as they hold two characteristics by which staff can tell it is one: (1) each person is taking turns to speak, and (2) the topic is not to directly insult anybody. Civilized debates should be moved if the rest of the room does not wish to hear it.

    Uncivilized arguments will be redirected to somewhere more private outside of the Discord server, preferably through a private group. If any of the people involved continue on arguing, then they should be muted via the /mute command.

    No harassment.
    Harassment should never be tolerated and is defined as causing persistent stress or trouble to someone by insulting, stirring up arguments, and so on. If a person feels they are a victim to harassment, and the incident happened more than once, then it is enough to be considered this. However, the victim needs to have taken their own precautions in order to show they have attempted to resolve it on their own.

    If the victim has not blocked and muted the harasser, this might indicate they are merely trying to get the other person in trouble as opposed to trying to resolve their issue. Only once they have done this and the harasser has tried to bypass the precautions they took should we then severely punish the harasser.

    No spamming or mass-tagging people.
    This includes flooding and use of repetitive characters in text channels that are used for conversation and not just bot commands or media. This also includes tagging a massive amount of people or roles. Spam is filtered by the admin bot automatically, but if a person manages to bypass it then it will result in being muted via the /mute command.

    This specifically applies to the #general channel, #art channel, and #support channel. The other channels like #memes and #bot were meant to redirect media and clutter so there is no need to worry about those channels for spam.

    No pornography or obscenity outside of the NSFW channels.
    This includes images, videos, erotic writing, links to pornographic websites and any other form of media. This also includes pornographic material that is drawn or censored in any way. There is a specific channel in which this rule does not apply so people who want to view mature content can do so without forcing everyone else in the community to do it. This will result a mute with /mute if not done too many times and the removal of the material.

    The NSFW also has its own set of rules that limits what a user can post in order to keep any other user from possibly opening illegal material. Incidents within the NSFW channels like this will result in the same punishments and removal of the material.

    No privacy invasive links.
    This includes any kind of link to a website that can find your IP-address or any other kind of sensitive information about a person. This results in being banned from the community.

    No abuse of username to impersonate or insult another person.
    This includes attempting to make the exact same or similar username/nickname as someone else, changing your username in order to insult or make fun of someone, and so on. This will result in a staff member overriding the person’s nickname.

    If this was used in a manner to harass another person, this alone is not what they would be punished for.

    No use of alternate accounts.
    Since Discord is merely a social platform, there is no real need to make an alternate account other than for malicious reasons. It is this reason that if an alternate account is made and staff have found whom it belongs to, the alternate account will get banned and possibly cause the main account to be banned due to sharing the same IP address. This is a feature from Discord that we cannot change.

    No advertising other servers.
    The mentioning or link/IP to another Discord or Minecraft server is prohibited from being spread within the text or voice channels. This includes but is not limited to Discord invite links, IP addresses to Minecraft servers that aren’t New Heaven, links to other Minecraft server websites and so on.
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Discussion in 'Reminders' started by RFSMassacre, Jul 21, 2017.

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