Werewolves Update

As most of you may know, the werewolf plugin has been updated!

For those of you that are regular players on the server and have been for a while, you will know that we have had problems with the plugin for quite some time. Mostly because it wasn't updated and there were many bugs within the plugin that weren't being fixed.

Now that the plugin has been updated and the bugs have been fixed i want to go over what's new.
As of the new update we now have more information on each type of werewolf and the commands or permissions that come with being a werewolf.

New commands such as /ww intent and /ww track system are available which you can check out with /ww help. (The werewolf guide can be found at http://new-heaven.us/werewolf)
Double Sols per Kill/Assist
I doubled the rewards for KitPVP combat from now until Monday, December 26th to celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas yah filthy animals. We also have a daily rewards plugins installed in KitPVP so remember to type /claim when you log on.
Staff Changes
This may not be news to those who regularly attend our Discord server, but this is still an important thing to talk about for the community as a whole. The sum of it all is simply that our staff roster is going through some major changes currently. It may seem scary to a few, but there's nothing to be afraid of. These changes are things we can easily handle.

  • Our Manager, Meggi has been pushing herself to fulfill her role for a while and has done an amazing job. She gave the boost of morale the staff needed and for a while paid attention to everyone's needs. Due to the sudden move, on top of the increasing load of college work, she has not been able to be as active as she wants to. After talking to her, she has agreed to take a temporary leave so she can get her personal matters in order. I personally begged...
Survival Updates
Minor Changes

I haven't updated much on the website, and I really apologize for the inactivity. Most of my work has been very little changes, especially for Survival. Read through this post if you'd like to see what I have been working on for the past few months. There will be an entire guide for Eden written by Frost, so if you'd like to get yourself prepared for the end game, please make sure to read her guide once it is finished.
  • PVP Toggle has been reinstated for Peasants and higher. By default, all players start with their PVP on. This is due to the lack of PVP happening and the raging that has been happening from many of the players who consider themselves peaceful.
  • Siege has been disabled until further notice. This is because we have had many bugs associated with claims and it was not used...