Confirmed: Eden Will Be Reset
It's official; Eden shall be reset thanks to the community voting.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 17.35.27.png

Please note that the Survival server will be down for around one day as the staff members will be loading chunks, making sure mobs spawn fine, building new Eden buildings and put the castle back in Eden manually.

Yes, we are giving you all a deadline to move everything from Eden to the Overworld.

Wednesday 19th April - Sunday 23rd April
That is the time window for you to move all your items from Eden to the Overworld and to unclaim any claims in Eden for your claim blocks back.

We have clearly given you this deadline, it is not our fault if you forgot to move things as you've been given over 4 days (weekdays and weekends) to move items. If you are in Eden when the server closes and resets,...
Poll - Should Eden be reset?

The Biome plugin we use for Eden has been updated with new biomes, but in order to update Eden, we need to reset it. We want Eden to be as freeing as possible as it takes a lot of time and effort to rank up to Monarch and (for some devoted players) real-life donations for ranks.

This new plugin will include new biomes (i.e Volcano Biomes, Mega Ice Biomes, etc), larger and more common ore caves, genuine oceans with beaches, the boarder will be removed and the chunk errors will be fixed. Eden is being worked on every day with new items, new mobs and many more interesting things currently in the making.

Note: You will be given 5-7 days to move your items from Eden to the over world, this will be announced if the vote is passed.

Here are a few biomes the new Eden will include:
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