Early Access - Hunting Update
I've managed to get an early build ready for us to use, so feel special that New Heaven is the earliest server to witness the new hunting items prepared for the human race! Humans are now able to track and protect themselves from both Vampires and Werewolves. These new items can only be used by humans! Due to a new item ID system being implemented, ALL OLD ITEMS FROM WEREWOLVES WILL NO LONGER WORK. You must create the items again if you wish to use them.

Vampire Trackers will only target a vampire if they have their PVP on, not in spawn, and if it's night time. Werewolf Trackers will only target a werewolf they have their PVP on, not in spawn, and in their wolf form. You can craft a Vampire Tracker or Werewolf Tracker with the following recipes:


Washed Armor...​
Staff Positions Now Open
I would like to first mention that the last poll conducted shows that you guys hope the network can achieve a system where players can give their input on things that concern them and the server while still allowing staff the independence to make decisions in order to have efficiency.

Now, this means we need some new staff members. We've recently let go a few inactive staff members in order to have space for new people that have the potential to serve the community. I've taken the initiative to alter the process of consideration on the applications. Applications with more positive responses on their staff application from members of the community will be considered more favored the leading applications. This is so players have some say in who will be their new helper or moderator. This means you should only apply if you have support...
Staff Protocol Changes - New Poll
It's been brought to my attention recently that the current rule changes are felt to be unjust and neglectful, adding on to the pressuring feeling that the staff team is not responding the needs of the community. That is why I am here to inform that starting now, the staff protocol will be changing, and I need your help to finalize the rules to better reflect the values of the community overall.

First off, the protocol that was implemented before the rule change was made to lessen the amount of work of me. For a long time I was behaving like a Kitchen Nightmares' Owner where I was micromanaging everything and overloading myself. Everything was heavily dependent on me and nothing worked without me. I redesigned each staff role to break up the work that is required for the network to run well into helpers being the "waiters" of the server; moderators...
Proper Suggestions and the Vampire Plugin
As players continuously ask Rene to add this or add that to the vampire plugin, it seems that this post is now needed.
To all the new players, or the players that cannot listen, or those that are simply too thick-headed to listen, Rene cannot change the vampire plugin. The vampire plugin belongs to another group of devs and if you wish for something to be added to the plugin, talk to them. Do not continuously harass Rene about adding stuff when we have all made it clear that he cannot add the stuff that you are suggesting.

However, it is possible to make another plugin or add stuff to one of his own. Although it does take a lot of time and effort to make or edit a plugin. So do not assume that your suggestion is 'the best thing ever' and must be added immediately. Chances are, your suggestion may be added to the bottom of the list of things to add, if added at...