Changing Creative

The gamemode creative is struggling to gain player's attention and stand it's own against the other servers. With the ways things are currently going it seems there is almost not point in keeping Creative as it's hardly used in comparison to other servers. It's been a part of the New-Heaven network from the start so we would hate to see it being lost but with a larger demand for resources to be put into Survival we are struggling to find justifications on keeping it.

Here we would like to ask you for your opinion on Creative and what can be done to make people want to use it more. What donations perks do you want to see? What new features would you like? Are there events you want to take place? I'd love to hear all of your opinions on this so please post below on what should be added in detail if you care enough. Without any good community responses on what should be changed there might not be a Creative...
Chat Channels

We have recently edited the chat channels on the server to allow for better communication across the network and within the servers. Each of the four channels is easily accessible and better allows for the various conversations that take place on New Heaven.
Global Channel, Server Channel, Local Channel and Roleplay Channel.
You may join a channel by using the command /ch join (channel)
You may leave a channel at any time using /ch leave (channel)

Global Channel:
Allows you to speak to everyone on the network.
Access it by using the command /g
Server Channel:
Allows you to speak to everyone on the server you are currently on.
It is advised that you use this channel if you are only talking about server specific stuff with people on the same...​
The New Community Manager
Hello, some of you may know me as Santa Claus. Today I want to talk to you all about my new position of Community Manager. You may be asking yourself, what does this mean Santa, Community Manager? Well that's simple. I, as a long time community member, have noticed many issues lying in the the server between the community and staff. The administration has changed it's policies as of lately on how they listen to the community so you might think you got everything you needed right? Well that was a suggestion I proposed because I noticed that the community didn't seem to have much of a say. I want to ensure that the community has an opinion in every decision possibly being made on the server.

So I will asking each and everyone of you, ones I currently know and the ones I plan to get to know in the future. What do you feel about where the server is going, what direction do you want it to take? I want...
Here's a quick post about when to contact different members of staff!

(current Helpers are Trushi and keelplays)

-Notes to be passed on to other staff members
-Resources (i.e links for the website, plugins used on the server, etc)

(current Mods are HotCocoCup, _Meggi_ and StegoKat)

-Rule breaking
-Hacking suspicions
-Disputes, arguments, etc
-If a Helper is not online, contact this person for Helper enquiries

(current Admins are Frosted_Angel)

-Bug or glitch reports
-Higher level moderation (claim issues, if the server is being spam botted, etc)
-Player reports
-Business enquiries to pass onto people higher up
-If neither a Mod or Helper is online, talk to them about Mod or Helper enquiries.