New Staff Application Format!

Due to recent changes to how we run things, we have updated the staff application format to better reflect the position that players are applying for. The new format also allows staff to have a better understanding of the person applying.

As we now have a new format, we ask that anyone with a current application make a new one using the new format. Do not delete or edit your current posts. Make a new application. Any applications using the old format will be moved into the denied section once you have made a new one.

The new format can be found here:

As well as updating the application format, the Rules and Guidelines for Posting a Staff Application have been updated to reflect the new format. It is advised that you take the time to read it as it will help you improve the quality of your application.

The new Rules and...
What is The War?
The war is just when groups of people attack each other in the game, usually based on race. No game elements have been changed, it's just more likely that death will occur with the new Human, claim and Werewolf updates.

What "updates"?
Humans now have a supernatural tracker they can use in which they can see the nearest Vampire (if it's night) and the nearest Werewolf (if they're transformed). Werewolves have the /ww track command where they can sniff a player by hitting them and they get a particle effect towards them.

Hunting (werewolf and human) plugin updates:

As PVP is forced on if you step into a claim that you're not trusted on, it will encourage more fighting on the server. The new Human and Werewolf tracking systems also encourage this. No game elements have or will be changed for the war.​
Punishment Reform
We've finally finished and agreed on a new system determining the proper punishment for rules being broken. From now on, the staff members should be enforcing the rules more consistently and fair based on how severe the offense and how often it has happened. The numbers and details are subject to change if the community feels that the current management is unfair or unjust.

Please remember that if you feel you are being unjustly punished, do not argue in the chat about it, go seek the community manager or post your concern on the forums in order to get it processed and looked up. Otherwise, complaining and arguing won't get anything fixed.
Land Claiming on Survival

We have nothing against players building together on the same piece of land, or on separate land next to each other. We do, however, have an issue when players suddenly decide they no longer like their neighbours and start causing issues.

If you are building with someone, be mindful of the fact that you both own it. If you suddenly decide you no longer want to work with the other and kick them out, be aware that it's going to cause issues. While you should be able to work it out amongst yourselves, if it becomes a huge issue and interferes with everyone else's gameplay by intruding on the global/server chat, we (the staff) will become involved. You may not like or agree with our decisions on the matter.

If you are living with someone and have built everything yourself, go ahead, kick them out. But give them time to retrieve what is theirs first. They may globally complain about it otherwise. If it causes drama in...