New Staff Application Format!

Once again, due to recent changes, the staff application format has been updated!

It now covers only Helper related information and should allow us to better pick players who are suitable for the position. As we now have the new format, we ask that anyone with a current application make a new one using the new format.

Do not apply if you only want to have permissions to ban or mute players. That is not what Helpers do. Apply only if you love Helping others and would like to be a part of our team to help players better.

The new format can be found here: http://www.new-heaven.us/threads/staff-application-format.733/

For those of you who do not know how to fill it out, there is a small step-by-step guide that helps you, which can be found here: http://www.new-heaven.us/threads/steps-to-posting-an-application.690/
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Hey there!

A quick little update - my rank has been updated from Helper to Mod. This means you guys can contact me (or any other Mod) about any rule breakers, arguments in the chat, help inquiries (when a Helper isn't online), messages for staff members higher up and even for a nice chill chat :)

Please remember that this does not impact staff applicants! The slots for staff are still open.

Have a lovely day!
Staff Position Now Open
Sadly, one of our Helpers has recently resigned from staff for personal reasons. This means that we are now short a Helper and that means that we are looking to fill this position fairly soon. If you believe that you are suitable and you love to help others, feel free to apply.

If you choose to apply, do not beg us to look at your application. Because a lot of us have different time zones, we may not see it immediately, but don't worry, we will look at it. If you constantly send us messages requesting that we look at your application, it may end up being treated as spam, or in more severe cases, harassment.