Revamp On Donator Kits for Survival

I am pleased to announce that I have now revamped on how donators can acquire their kits and what they now do. (Please read this through if you're a donator so you may be up to date with our new rule that goes along with this.)

After a long day of configuration I managed to make items pre-soulbound so donators can't give out their items away. Along with this I have configured it so donator items do not drop on death as well was customizing the NBT tag so ALL donator items are unbreakable! This means you do not have to worry about losing the items you have been rewarded for you contribution. Donator hoes also now enchanted with Fortune since they previously had redundant enchantments.

HOWEVER along with this I designed it so a donator will only need just one kit to use. So a new rule has been made so a donator...
Sale On Donation Shop!
Since school has started for just about everyone on the server, we decided to honor them with a Back To School Sale in the Donation Shop! Everything in the shop is now 33% off. Take advantage of the sale since it's only until October 1st. We hope the sale helps people get a rank or currency easier.

Also I'd like to give a shout out to the college kids. Hope you pass through Hell quickly. <3
Vote, Vote, Vote

I just wanted to remind everyone that voting for the server is very important. As we play we should try to vote as much as we can so we can raise our ranks on the voting lists and attract more players. Try to encourage our fellow members to vote. I plan on adding more rewards as well a vote parties on top of the chance for lucky votes. Click here to go to the voting page.

Currently we offer:
  • 200 Emeralds + 32 XP bottles for Survival
  • 250 Stones for Creative
  • 300 Bones for KitPVP

If you have suggestions on encouraging players to vote please post it on the suggestions forum!
Website Under Construction

The website is still being worked on, but so far the forums and registration is completely functional.

We apologize for the constant changes on the website but we were trying to find the best fit for everyone's need. We used to use WordPress but after a while it was becoming hectic to continue using. There was little features and was mostly aesthetic. After a long time of hard work we converted to Xenforo. Xenforo has less bugs, more functions, and eventually we'll change the look of it.

Our checklist for the site is so far:
  • Finish the forums.
  • Complete layouts for submissions.
  • Install plugins to connect the server to the website better.
  • Find and customize a better theme.

Any suggestions can be posted on the suggestions forum and...