Sale Is Now Over

Just a reminder to everyone that the sale on the donation shop is now over. If you missed it we are very sorry. We plan on having another sale in the future, though. :) Thanks to everyone for supporting us every step of the way.
Spells Recoding - Finished!
As some may have heard, I was complaining that I had to recode the spells plugin so Matt and Vin could later fix issues that may come up in the future. I'm glad to announce I finally finished the damn job! Along with that I patched long bugs as well as cosmetics. This post is going to be long so please read it carefully as they do affect many kits:

  • Many methods have be modified to work more efficiently.
  • Druid has been completely changed. It no longer focuses on morphing and instead focuses on multi-healing via regen. Rejuvenate gives Regeneration II, the Healing Totem gives off 2 and a half hearts every second for 5 seconds, and the Golem increases defense.
  • Shaman's Lightning Chain now targets one enemy and then...
KitPVP Gameplay Demo
Just wanted to show you guys a demo of gameplay for our KitPVP. We kinda wanna make it a series but this was purely for fun and experimenting on video editing. Shout out to Matt for editing it for me. Any suggestion on making this better is wanted!

Revamp On Donator Kits for Survival

I am pleased to announce that I have now revamped on how donators can acquire their kits and what they now do. (Please read this through if you're a donator so you may be up to date with our new rule that goes along with this.)

After a long day of configuration I managed to make items pre-soulbound so donators can't give out their items away. Along with this I have configured it so donator items do not drop on death as well was customizing the NBT tag so ALL donator items are unbreakable! This means you do not have to worry about losing the items you have been rewarded for you contribution. Donator hoes also now enchanted with Fortune since they previously had redundant enchantments.

HOWEVER along with this I designed it so a donator will only need just one kit to use. So a new rule has been made so a donator...