Completing The Migration
As many may know, we fulfilled our promised and began transferring our servers to a full dedicated machine with better specs than before!

CPU: Intel i7 4790K
Cores: 8
Frequency: 4 GHz+
RAM: 16 GBs, 1333 MHz
Storage: 120 GB SSD
Bandwidth: 250 Mbps
And includes up-to-date DDoS Protection

While we were working many of you may have seen some errors and bugs, but rest assured that the majority of them have already been fixed. However, it is sad I have to announce that it is not possible for us to transfer the Survivals server's maps. To read more in detail click the following spoiler.

Normally servers take no more than 200 MBs at most. The Hub is 10 MBs, KitPVP is 120 MBs, and Creative was roughly 300 MBs. Survival was 20 GBs (or 20,480 MBs) huge! And this is when we compressed it as small as we could. When inflated it grows to...
Notice For Everyone
Due to the workload of college I am shifting my priorities to focus more on my studies. I will still be around, but this just means I am going to be doing less work on the server. So I expect that if people have a concern or issue that they direct to the staff before looking for me. If you have a question about anything you should seek Meggi. She is happy to help anyone that asks. She can't help if you don't ask. If she cannot help then you should look for Matt. And when something is extremely severe then you should talk to Vin when he is online. If there's anything they can't do then they should be the ones to look for me. This way I don't get swamped with complaints or concerns.

Secondly I am going to be focusing on fixing bugs and...
Sale Is Now Over

Just a reminder to everyone that the sale on the donation shop is now over. If you missed it we are very sorry. We plan on having another sale in the future, though. :) Thanks to everyone for supporting us every step of the way.
Spells Recoding - Finished!
As some may have heard, I was complaining that I had to recode the spells plugin so Matt and Vin could later fix issues that may come up in the future. I'm glad to announce I finally finished the damn job! Along with that I patched long bugs as well as cosmetics. This post is going to be long so please read it carefully as they do affect many kits:

  • Many methods have be modified to work more efficiently.
  • Druid has been completely changed. It no longer focuses on morphing and instead focuses on multi-healing via regen. Rejuvenate gives Regeneration II, the Healing Totem gives off 2 and a half hearts every second for 5 seconds, and the Golem increases defense.
  • Shaman's Lightning Chain now targets one enemy and then...