Double Sols per Kill/Assist
I doubled the rewards for KitPVP combat from now until Monday, December 26th to celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas yah filthy animals. We also have a daily rewards plugins installed in KitPVP so remember to type /claim when you log on.
Staff Changes
This may not be news to those who regularly attend our Discord server, but this is still an important thing to talk about for the community as a whole. The sum of it all is simply that our staff roster is going through some major changes currently. It may seem scary to a few, but there's nothing to be afraid of. These changes are things we can easily handle.

  • Our Manager, Meggi has been pushing herself to fulfill her role for a while and has done an amazing job. She gave the boost of morale the staff needed and for a while paid attention to everyone's needs. Due to the sudden move, on top of the increasing load of college work, she has not been able to be as active as she wants to. After talking to her, she has agreed to take a temporary leave so she can get her personal matters in order. I personally begged her to do this because all of us have seen her continuously try. She will be away for a while, but expect her back in the near future.
  • Our Mod, Frost was promoted to Admin. :) Congrats to her for working hard and giving that kick in the butt when it's needed.
  • Our Mod, Evin was removed from the staff recently due to some misuse of disciplinary commands when upset. This isn't to say he was a bad staff member; he helped create the Discord server we depend on daily. But it's gotten to the point where it's become a little scary for the rest of the community, especially if there's a misunderstanding.
Since these changes, our staff have moved toward becoming more democratic when making decisions that concern staff directly, such as voting a new person...
Survival Updates
Minor Changes

I haven't updated much on the website, and I really apologize for the inactivity. Most of my work has been very little changes, especially for Survival. Read through this post if you'd like to see what I have been working on for the past few months. There will be an entire guide for Eden written by Frost, so if you'd like to get yourself prepared for the end game, please make sure to read her guide once it is finished.
  • PVP Toggle has been reinstated for Peasants and higher. By default, all players start with their PVP on. This is due to the lack of PVP happening and the raging that has been happening from many of the players who consider themselves peaceful.
  • Siege has been disabled until further notice. This is because we have had many bugs associated with claims and it was not used enough to even be considered a vital aspect of Survival.
  • Teleporting into untrusted claims is no longer prevented. This is due to several bugs causing players to fall through the void was becoming a serious issue.
  • The economy has been revamped so making money should be easier. I've noticed how people were complaining that grinding brought no rewards, so I rebuilt the economy to have fair sell prices and make Rubees circulated.
  • ChestShops was removed and replaced with Shop (Premium). Click on either name to learn more about them. They provide pictures on how they work, and you'll love the simplicity of Shop (Premium).
  • New houses/manors are for rent in spawn. Look around...
The Siege Update
A New War Begins
As I promised ages ago, I have finally finished customizing GriefPrevention to have the hybrid experience of no grief and fair raiding. Please make sure to read this entire post as this affects every single player and how they should build their claim and so on.

We announced that we removed the PVP Toggle when we reset, and it wasn't exactly fair for every single player who preferred to avoid intense war. So I have finished the hook between PVPManager and GriefPrevention so that players with PVP off (referred as Peaceful) cannot siege or be sieged. Players with PVP on (referred as Hostile) will be vulnerable to sieges and attacks by other players outside safe zones at any time. Currently, we are keeping the list of peaceful players at a small ratio. There are plans of making applications to apply for the peaceful flag, but it is still being discussed.

You can tell who is peaceful by the color of their nametag: Peaceful players have a green nameplate, while Hostile players have a red nameplate.

Please note that Rule #9 is back into effect. If you attempt to kill, siege, or steal from a peaceful player you will be punished! Peaceful players do not want to be bothered, and they do not want to bother you.

Now onto how the siege feature works. The concept is pulled from how Factions heavily influences to strategize and attack enemy claims and if successful, to loot them. What we have done was make it so players can still have this drive, without permanently griefing claims and have a time limit of looting.

Initializing a siege: You start a siege by traveling into the enemy's claim and typing the command /siege <player>. Keep in mind you can only target a siege on the owner of a claim or someone who has...