Is Survival Due for a Reset?
Before I delve into the topic, I would like to explain why the staff and I have begun considering this option for the Survival server.

After the recent months, we have not had major changes to Survival since the last reset around December of last year. Many people were enraged when we had lost our data during the migration from a terrible Minecraft host to our own proper server machine with OVH. Since then, I personally refused to modify or remove any features that were beloved. It took us months to finally get a working version of the Werewolf plugin for 1.9. (Our first manager spent a week trying to find a modded version somewhere online only to find it was half completed and I took the initiative to update the abandoned plugin myself.)

And now we've noticed that most of you pretty much finished everything that there is to do in Survival. So we've been brainstorming ideas for the past couple of days and a good number of staff members and regular players have suggested that we should reset the world and its data to give it a fresh start.

I completely refuse to go through the same cycle of deleting everything just to have the same experience again. It's pretty boring that way. So our admin, Matt went searching for ideas and forums and found us a custom terrain generator. (Click here if you would like more info it.) [​IMG]It creates realistic biomes and is extremely breathtaking.


The idea is if we decide to reset the Survival server, it wouldn't be left unchanged. We intend to reinvent some of our core mechanics. We will start...
New Manager

Hi, everyone. As many of you all know and for the players out there that don't already know, I am the new Manager. I just want to remind people to apply for staff and use your own ideas for your applications as I'm sure they will all be great. Another thing I want to remind everyone of is to keep voting as it helps our server become more popular and stay up and running.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Reminder Of Rules

Lately, it has come to my attention that the players of this community have gotten to the point where they will disrespect newer players to the point where they quit or rage. I would just like to remind players of the rule:

Always respect other players and staff members. If it turns to harassment and any one of them is genuinely offended and reports you to a staff member, you will be punished with either a mute or a ban.
Staff have the final say in punishments. If there is a player that is arguing about their punishment in general chat, ignore them and stay out of the conversation. Getting involved will result in you being muted. At most, tell them ONCE to take it to the forums then back off.

Getting involved in staff matters such as a player complaining about punishments stops us from being able to effectively do our jobs. Interfering or telling us how to do our jobs will be taken as staff harassment and will result in a mute.

Another rule that players seem to have forgotten is to not accuse others of hacking. If someone is hacking, do not spam in the chat that they are hacking. Post on the forums or on Discord with proof of the hacking. Accusing others in chat of hacking will result in a temp mute.

Registry Has Been Whitelisted
This post mainly concerns our cracked player base, so if you are not cracked, you won't need to worry too much about this.

Due to the increase number of trolls and spam bot attacks, it was my decision to control which players can join the server. It'll keep the spam bots out and potentially make it harder for trolls to join with alternate accounts. I am aware this would keep potential members of the community from joining us, but it's the best way we can keep our cracked friends while keeping the bots away.

From now on, new cracked players would simply need to let a staff member know to add them to the whitelist. You can get a friend to tell a staff member online or log on our Discord server and message us with your username. (Remember you need to have a name that is not premium for you to join. Skins are supplied with the /skin command.)

Apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope to find more quality players to join us.

If anyone knows a better way to filter out the spam bots while allowing cracked players in, leave a comment on this thread. I'm open to all suggestions.