The Siege Update
A New War Begins
As I promised ages ago, I have finally finished customizing GriefPrevention to have the hybrid experience of no grief and fair raiding. Please make sure to read this entire post as this affects every single player and how they should build their claim and so on.

We announced that we removed the PVP Toggle when we reset, and it wasn't exactly fair for every single player who preferred to avoid intense war. So I have finished the hook between PVPManager and GriefPrevention so that players with PVP off (referred as Peaceful) cannot siege or be sieged. Players with PVP on (referred as Hostile) will be vulnerable to sieges and attacks by other players outside safe zones at any time. Currently, we are keeping the list of peaceful players at a small ratio. There are plans of making applications to apply for the peaceful flag, but it is still being discussed.

You can tell who is peaceful by the color of their nametag: Peaceful players have a green nameplate, while Hostile players have a red nameplate.

Please note that Rule #9 is back into effect. If you attempt to kill, siege, or steal from a peaceful player you will be punished! Peaceful players do not want to be bothered, and they do not want to bother you.

Now onto how the siege feature works. The concept is pulled from how Factions heavily influences to strategize and attack enemy claims and if successful, to loot them. What we have done was make it so players can still have this drive, without permanently griefing claims and have a time limit of looting.

Initializing a siege: You start a siege by traveling into the enemy's claim and typing the command /siege <player>. Keep in mind you can only target a siege on the owner of a claim or someone who has...
Registry Is No Longer Whitelisted
Just a quick notice to all our cracked players. Due to our last attack on our machine, I was forced to remake the proxy server from the bottom up. This means our firewall is now 100% secured, and it gave me time to work on our anti-bot system. I'm pleased to announce that our filter blocks out around 98% of bots during a spam-bot attack.

This means we no longer need to whitelist our registry and any cracked player with a non-premium name can join us. However, I have limited our registry to only handle one player at a time upon pre-login. This means that if someone is already trying to log in, you'll have to wait a moment to log in. It keeps out most of the bots, so I ask you guys to try to keep your login time short. The maximum amount of login time in the registry was set to 30 seconds, so the most people would have to wait is anywhere from a few seconds to half a minute.

If you guys enjoy our server, consider inviting your friends to NH. :) It'll help us grow as a community and free to join.
The Survival Update Is Here!
The Eden Update
As many of you were informed about the possibility of a reset, so many of you have favored doing so. Well, it's here! Survival has been updated to 1.10.2 with a new seed, and the long awaited Eden world with custom biomes. I've taken time before the reset to beta-test these mobs and items and we've found it be extremely fun to survive through the nights with some friends.

The first you'll notice is the new spawn. We've been planning on creating our own, but it's time-consuming trying to build everything to the finest detail. This one is planned to be temporary until we can get our custom built one. But nevertheless, our current one is massive!

We also like to mention that the PVP toggle has been removed. We are still discussing on what the rules should be concerning the Survival server, but please note Rule #9 has been nullified now that no player is considered peaceful anymore.

Along with PVP being forced on we installed the Gods plugin. This allows players to create their own god and gain followers and such. With prayer points, you can /gods prayfor items or buffs. However, angering the god might get you killed. (More info on this will be posted later.)

This is followed by the new world we named as Eden. It has beautiful biomes and is abundant with ores, but there's only one problem. The entire world is flooded with ghost mobs every single night. These mobs can overwhelm anyone if they are not prepared.


These mobs have a chance of dropping really awesome weapons or armor. They become harder as...
Is Survival Due for a Reset?
Before I delve into the topic, I would like to explain why the staff and I have begun considering this option for the Survival server.

After the recent months, we have not had major changes to Survival since the last reset around December of last year. Many people were enraged when we had lost our data during the migration from a terrible Minecraft host to our own proper server machine with OVH. Since then, I personally refused to modify or remove any features that were beloved. It took us months to finally get a working version of the Werewolf plugin for 1.9. (Our first manager spent a week trying to find a modded version somewhere online only to find it was half completed and I took the initiative to update the abandoned plugin myself.)

And now we've noticed that most of you pretty much finished everything that there is to do in Survival. So we've been brainstorming ideas for the past couple of days and a good number of staff members and regular players have suggested that we should reset the world and its data to give it a fresh start.

I completely refuse to go through the same cycle of deleting everything just to have the same experience again. It's pretty boring that way. So our admin, Matt went searching for ideas and forums and found us a custom terrain generator. (Click here if you would like more info it.) [​IMG]It creates realistic biomes and is extremely breathtaking.


The idea is if we decide to reset the Survival server, it wouldn't be left unchanged. We intend to reinvent some of our core mechanics. We will start...